Knowledge Sharing and Staff Learning and Development - Sites and/or Contacts

Have you got any sites or contacts you would like to share in relation to the use of Web 2.0 technologies for Knowledge Sharing and Staff Learning and Development? Share them with everyone below.

Great **Case Study of a Wiki Changing an Enterprise** at Janssen-Cilag - pointed to by George Siemens at elearnspace

Nigel Paine, BBC on use of Social Software at the BBC - Scroll down to Nigel Paine's presentation on blogs and wikis. Nigel gives an excellent account on how social software has been used for knowledge sharing within the BBC.

Alex Hayes / Robyn Jay - NSW Learnscope - and

An introduction to Social Media by Trevor Cook and Lee Hopkins - this is version 1 so feedback to Trevor is appreciated

NSW Outreach Blog - - great blog showcasing networking and linking across Outreach practitioners across NSW

Sean Fitzgerald's personal wiki at - why go anywhere else to learn about web 2.0 technologies when Sean has it all covered here. Sean follows the philosophy of social software by providing the links rather than recreating what others have already done. Fantastic example of a wiki used for Capability Development. Well done Sean.

Conclusion from Learnscope06 teacherConnect project on the use of Free and Open Source Web 2.0 Software to address issues with Professional Development
Networked Professional Development :: teacherConnect
Organisation Innovation and the Professional Development Process
Steven Parker BLOG: