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Tell us your story - how have you used online social tools to support knowledge sharing and staff learning and development in your organisation? Link us to your story, your blog and/or your wiki or you can use the questions below as a prompt and enter your story here, or even do a digital story which we can link to - don't let us limit your creativity!

  • Describe the situation - organisation, technologies used
  • What have you accomplished that you are most proud of by using online social tools for capability development?
  • What were the enablers that contributed to your accomplishment?
  • What do you value most about using online social tools?
  • How did your organisation benefit from the use of online social tools?
  • What would have to change to achieve more successful use of online social tools for capability development?
  • What hints and tips do you have for the use of online social tools for capability development?
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Sue Waters has posted some excellent podcasts covering how she is using social software with her students and other technologies such as PDAs. Sue is an Aquaculture teacher at Challenger TAFE, WA. Check out her podcasts at

ACE NSW has been using EdNA groups and discover e ( compued) virtual classroom ) to network trainers and assessors and VTE Managers. The VTE managers project has been especially successful. My reflections are that some reasons for success have been

· we have been building up experience and skills around the sector for 3 years – it has taken time to get people on board
· Moodle may be clunky at times but since the facilitator has developed skills in using it and the members have also got used to using it , it now seems more productive to stick with this platform than to go changing it.
· The EdNA group especially seems to suit discussion and sharing
· a Learnscope project focussing specifically on using discovere built up skills in using this tool and regular meetings were scheduled . Topics about urgent issues and problems created the most interest!
· The facilitation was very active, replying to posts and adding resources and inviting members personally to start posts . That way it doesn’t look like the facilitator is initiating everything

Most importantly, we always emphasised that the network is made up of people and the technology is our communication , collaboration and knowledge management / sharing tool.

Joy Sharpe

I'm currently building a social resource gathering site built around the training packages used in our vocational education system here in Australia.

Training o2 allows students and trainers to submit links to online resources and has an interface for leaving comments and creating quiz questions; along with functions for rating the resources, comments and questions; tagging; producing RSS feeds and social networking.

I'm still working on it, but preliminary testing has been promising and I'm encouraging VTE trainers to try it out

Peter Shanks