KS Case Studies

Seven exemplar stories/case studies were commissioned to demonstrate how social software can be used for project management, knowledge sharing and capability development. These stories were drawn from within the Australian Flexible Learning Framework, Corporate Australia and Overseas.

We know there are more stories out there relating to how social software is being used for project management, knowledge sharing and capability development. Some of these have already been added to the Your Stories link on this wiki. If you have a story to tell please share it with us by adding it to Your Stories on the left-hand menu.

within the Australian Flexible Learning Framework:

The e-Learning Creative Community Partnerships story by Mary Hannan, Josie Rose and Michael Chalk and NSW LearnScope by Robyn Jay and Alex Hayes story highlight how social software has been used for project management and knowledge sharing across the project teams, and the wider VTE community;

The Harnessing Rural Skills,story by Carole McCulloch and Connected Community Network story by Wendy Zammit highlight how social software has been used specifically for knowledge sharing and capability development of VTE practitioners across a range of sectors (TAFE, ACE, Industry, Enterprise) and diverse geographic locations; and

The Challenger TAFE story by Annelieske Noteboom demonstrates how a VTE organisation has used social software for internal staff learning, and by osmosis extended that opportunity for learning to many others within and external to VTE and Australia.

within Corporate Australia:

Trevor Cook, a Director of Jackson Wells Morris, a public relations company, shares how he uses a blog to share and gather knowledge with professionals from across the globe.


The BBC story is told by Euan Semple, Head of Knowledge Managerment at BBC up to March 2006, now an Independent Consultant, tells how he introduced forums, blogs and wikis to the BBC over a 5 year period. Semple is particularly proud of building a collaborative space for staff with benefit of knowledge sharing and capability building. Over 18,500 staff engaged with technologies in some way.
Also check Nigel Paine, BBC on use of Social Software at the BBC - http://dp-x.com/dpx_enterprise/dpx.php?dpxuser=ambient Scroll down to Nigel Paine's presentation on blogs and wikis. Nigel gives an excellent account on how social software has been used for knowledge sharing within the BBC.

Derek Wenmoth, Director of eLearning - Core Education, Christchurch, New Zealand, shares his insights and how he uses a blog to be part of a global community of educators, as well as to knowledge share for the capability development of staff within his educational environment.