What type of collaboration services for staff learning and development are best delivered via the Framework?

Knowledge Sharing Services (KSS), a project within the Capability Building Program of the Framework, currently manages the Australian Flexible Learning Framework's website and the Vocational and Technical Education (VTE) and ACE component of EdNA. Through this research project, we hope to be able to make recommendations to KSS regarding the provision of future services to VTE practitioners.

Use the prompts below to enter your thoughts or create your own. You can either share your responses with everyone here, link us to your blog and/or wiki or email directly to me at Val Evans

  • What Web 2.0 technologies do you value most for collaboration?
  • What do you believe is accomplished by the use of these technologies?
  • How would using these technologies benefit the wider VTE community?
  • What do you believe is the best use of limited resources available to the Framework if they were to provide more collaborative services?
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