Teaching and Learning - Sites and/or Contacts

Have you got any sites you think we should check or other contacts we should make in relation to this research project. Provide the links below:

Social Resource Gathering using Training O2 - Peter Shanks has taken the NTIS2 datafeed and produced a blend of digg and del.icio.us that encourages students to post links to online resources, rate them, comment on them and think critically about how they relate to the elements and performance criteria in the unit that they're submitted for.

Social Bookmarking using del.icio.us - Brad Jones, Liaison Librarian, Bremer Institute of TAFE, Queensland, is part of a project based around creating del.icio.us links for admin use in the library ( http://del.icio.us/bremertafe ) plus a similar exercise as an alternative to usual subject links for Horticulture ( http://del.icio.us/horticulture ) - aimed at a Statewide rather than Institute clientele, with a duplication of the content in a WIKI format ( http://horttafe.wikispaces.com/ - least developed & main focus at present. According to Brad, the project is being blogged in agonizing detail at http://bremer.edublogs.org/.

Note that the tagging is incomplete as it is a work in progress and awaits thorough road testing. Any comments and feedback appreciated.
Access for outsiders to change content is not available, and will ultimately only be available to stakeholders (once they get the hang of the sharing thing and a couple of basic tagging rules). A small number of the links are to our Intranet, these will only work within Qld TAFE. Suggestions for inclusion are welcome. Will happily consider adding members should anyone so wish.

Alex Hayes/Stephan Ridgway - TalkingVTE Podcast - http://talkingvte.blogspot.com

Jo Kay - blogs at stuff:ED to share infor about technology for use in education and anything else I think is cool!;-) I use this space to network with colleagues, share info with the teachers I work with and model some good Web 2.0 behaviours online. Additionally I am engaged in developing a 3D environment for use in teaching and learning in Second Life.
Check out http://gongmedia.blogspot.com/ - Jo's Media Communications class blog

Leonard Low - Mobile Learning - http://mlearning.edublogs.org. You might also be interested in my upcoming article in Edition 12 of the Knowledge Tree, on Web 2.0/social software in mobile learning.

I have a nascent site developing around food studies - particularly the development of yung chefs and service staff. It has an England bias because that's where I am, but much of what I am finding and using is freely available (actually - not 'much' - 'ALL'). I'm using Google's FREE googlepages to hold the site and then knitting together images and videos available on free access web sites. My ultimate aim is to have learners using their MySpace type facilitaes to submit work themselves. See http://dsugden.googlepages.com/fish_preparation to see where this has got to [09/10/06]. I am self-employed, plying my trade up an down the UK. See: http://www.village-e-learning.co.uk (especially the blog) for more. (Contact details on the site) I am working on the FREE website partly for my own development interests and partly because I see it as a means of reaching those learners which establishment learning and teaching cannot reach. Any comments (or guidance towards useful resources) would be welcome. Thanks for this opportunity. David

Sonya Conrad - LearnScope StartUp Adelaide, participant 2006 http://sonyasblogg.blogspot.com/ My Blogg is the recording of my learning journey through StartUp. I will continue to keep my blog as a journal of my e-teaching experience. Recently I particpated in a Social Software workshop. My post about this workshop contain links to interesting Web 2.0 sites.

Wendy Zammit is a leader in the field of Communications Technologies and Social Software at Sydney Institute of TAFE - check out Wendy's class blog at http://onlinetechnologies2006.blogspot.com/ and note her student blogs on the side bar - each student links to each other and provide peer support through blog comments.

Sandra Dickinson. Wikispace: selearninggames. Blog: selearninggames. Both spaces dedicated to nonprofit social entrepreneurs making a learning game together that will solve the mystery of earned income venture profitability. Wikispace publicly launched Oct. 27, 2006. Unique visitors peaked Nov. 8 at 47. Three members (besides myself). Minimal engagement with page editing and discussion posts so far. Blog is in infancy (only 3 posts so far, no comments).

Angela Beesleys blog and wiki, she has a wonderful collection of links and resources. __http://wikiangela.com/__

Here she is on Wikipedia. __http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angela_Beesley__

Social Software Tools and their Application to Teaching and Learning - a presentation to the Pharmacy Guild by Sean Fitzgerald http://seanfitz.wikispaces.com/pharmacyguild

Jean Clayton ~ working with wikis in ESL and languages with senior secondary students. Future of Work projects offers some interesting group excursions into architecture (houses of paper, hotels of ice and underwater abodes), body art (tatoos, piercing, bodypaint), fabric technologies, cryogenics, nanotechnology, cloning and bionics. There is a reasonably comprehensive reference list on wiki experiences of others at Reference List within my other LingoWiki site that also has a report on the establishment and evaluation of the LingoWiki project. This also links to an Italian language Moodle called EasyItalian, which was developed to keep a group of adult beginner students going once face-to-face classes ceased due to decreased enrolments in a rural town.

Warren Crosbie proposes there needs to be a discussion about practice-based theories (like: activity theory, communities of practice, and actor-network theory), and the social aspects of social bookmarking, folksonomies, taxonomies and ontologies (as advocated by 'semantic web' researchers). Warren is keen to have your input on such a discussion; so please join Tagunity and create a page or add a comment or question to an existing page. Links: Warren's Linkedin; http://tagunity.wikispaces.com