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It is extremely important that when moving into a flexible delivery mode that involves e-learning that the basic principles of good teaching and learning are kept at the forefront. I know we often get caught up with what the technology can do but lose sight of what would be best for learners.

I know I am talking to the converted but I believe that until we remove the "e" and just focus on learning, irrespective of whatever method we use, we will not have reached a stage where 'e' is a part of all learning.

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A thought on the e-learning environment....of trainers!

We are an RTO delivering training predominantly in the workplace and are developing e-learning materials to support our students and to engage better with GenY in particular. The learning environment of our students is extremely important to us, of course, but we also have the challenge with maintaining engagement with our trainers, most of who work from home in regions around Australia. These trainers don't have a face-to-face relationship with their peers and colleagues and the supportive environment of a campus or traditional workplace.

I am excited by the prospects of using Web 2.0 to create a better environment for our trainers, one in which they can be actively involved in a new "virtual" workplace. For example, developing a wiki instead of a newsletter to facilitate an interactive stream of communication, rather than the passive "news from head office" approach.

Sure, there are great opportunities in Web 2.0 for our students also, opportunities that we are actively pursuing, but let us not forget the trainers on whom we and our students rely, toiling lonely in the field!

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