Teaching and Learning in Vocational and Technical Education (VTE) - Your Vision

Share your vision for the future application of Web 2.0 technologies to teaching and learning with us. Link us to your blog and/or your wiki. Or use the questions below as prompts and share your vision with everyone below or, if you want a less public profile, email it to us at Val Evans or
  • What vision do you have for the future use of Web 2.0 technologies to teaching and learning?
  • What would have to change to achieve this vision?
  • What resources are needed?
  • Don't forget to tell us who you are and leave some contact details.

My Vision
  • Web2.0 tools can expand/accelerate practical learning in the non-credit/non-degree marketplace -- especially for nonprofit social entrepreneurs operating earned income ventures
  • Nonprofit social entrepreneur practitioners become more comfortable with the culture change (not just technology use) that Web2.0 tools enable
  • More accessible interaction among folks who are blogging about related topics (wikis are more open by nature and design -- I guess the tighter access controls within the blogging community has come about as a result of blog spam, but, for example: I discovered THIS wiki from a comment posted by Val Evans on Nancy White's blog, in re: her slide show 2ndWave adoption (via Beth's Blog). I could not post a comment or link to the post without registering with blogger and signing in. I have a blog already on wordpress, but I don't know the "FTP" or other information the form wanted me to fill out in order to register, so I was at least temporarily SOL)[OK-I have just discovered that getting a Google acct works for registering and logging in to many blogs] More accessible interaction among bloggers and wikis working in the same space would enable USER traffic to flow more easily among us, and our USERS would benefit from our easier "higher-level" networking [actually, Beth Kanter is pretty well connected all over the relevant place - and she can be a kind of 'hub' -- but if we leave it at that, we are still more or less anonymous to one another, even tho connected thru Beth; and the network is not so obvious to our respective users]
  • [some of us (like myself) who are using and trying to promote the use of web2.0 tools are novices ourselves]
  • My name is Sandra Dickinson. My wikispace is selearninggames. My blog is selearninggames. Both are spaces for nonprofit social entrepreneurs to make a learning game together that will solve the mystery of earned income venture profitability. (also posted on Sites & Contacts page). Additional contact info on my "About Me" page. I have also joined this space. Please join mine :) Any feedback, page editing, comment posting .... much appreciated.
I'm exploring ways of blending 3rd party "web2.0" applications in a customisable wrapper/environment I'm calling StringLE, for string'n'glue learning environment. Content is pulled into the environment using an OPML feed. The thrid party applications linked to from the environment will soon be configured/idemntified using a delicious bookmarks feed. The idea behind StringLE is to provide a playsapce where educators can try out different blends of applications to see what goes togther, and how they can be wired together using naming conventions, web feeds and web service APIs. For more info search for 'stringle' on my blog: OUseful Info

Kathiew -- I'm looking forward to exploring the use of blogs, wikis, protopage, etc further, in blended delivery with English language students - I see applications for things like team work, using learning tools, following instructions, spelling, alphabetical order, questions and answers, note taking, description, letter writing - MANY areas of literacy which are part of assessment in literacy, language and numeracy classes. Also using an online whiteboard and mics could give students reading, writing, listening and speaking practice in lots of new ways! (Cost is factor in Community College)
These, of course would be integrated into a thematic unit - for example - being a tennant; buying a car; shopping for clothes; etc.
I also look forward to the day when all students have access to individual computers in every class.